The computer lab of the Department, is a structure at the service of the students of teachers (meaning consequently researchers, tutors and, in general, those who are responsible for carrying out teaching and/or research). The laboratory has 10 multimedia stations connected to the network and a workstation dedicated to holders who collaborate with the structure. Software installed are targeted to the use of specific activities of the laboratory and for services users need. The lab is located on the third floor of the Faculty of Humanities.
Main activities of the computer lab of the Department:
•    Support to research and teaching activities
•    Digital acquisition of paper materials, text encoding, metadata generation
•    Editorial Office of the Biblioteca Italiana ( )
•    Headquarters of the FIRB Project 2010-digital Repertoire of Italian autographs from the beginning to the 16. Century
Working Group
# 10 PC
# 1 backup drive LACIE 10 Tb
# 1 network printer
# 1 Scanner
# 1 video projector
# 1 Screen
Videoconferencing Terminal
Multimedia classroom
# 1 Computer
# 1 DVD
# 1 VHS player
# 1 DVD/VHS recorder
# 1 video projector
# 1 wall screen
# 1 TelevisioneSistema amplification