Modern literature

The undergraduate degree in modern literature is intended to provide a basic education, extended and deepened, in the field of modern literature, as background for further training specialization in literature, language, communication and publishing in general.

In particular, it aims to provide students with methods and specific tools that allow:

- To approach consciously literary text, first Italian;

- To take note of the different modes of linguistic communication, in both Italian perspective is general;

- To properly contextualize our cultural heritage overall, in its historical legacy and the present reality.

To this end it intends to provide in particular:

• an in-depth knowledge of the Italian language and literature from its origins to contemporary and methods critical-interpretative approach to literary texts;

• a firm understanding of the phenomena related to linguistic communication and linguistic reality of Italian, as it unfolds and in the current reality;

• a sure knowledge of the philological method applied to Italian texts not only from the Middle Ages to the present day;

• a good knowledge of the Latin language and literature of the classical age, geographical and historical disciplines;

• a basic understanding of at least one modern European literature;

• a good command, both written and oral, of at least one European language other than Italian;

• the ability to use the main computer and telecommunication.