Greek-Latin Studies


“Philology is that honorable art that demands from one's heart, above all, one thing, that is to be aside, to allow time, to become silent, to get slow, because it is an art and an expertise of goldsmiths of the word, which is bound to do a very fine, careful work, and reaches nothing but slowly. That is why it is more necessary today than ever; that is why it attracts and enchants us so strongly, in the heart of an era of work, by which I mean the rush, the indecorous and sweeping precipitation, which wants to dispatch immediately everything [...] For such an art is not so easy to dispatch anything, because it teaches us to read well, that is to read slowly in depth, looking back and forth, not without by-ends, leaving open doors, with delicate fingers and eyes” (F. Nietzsche, The Dawn, 1881). The Greek and Latin Studies Section embraces a wide range of interests and research, ranging from the Aegean civilizations to Neo-Latin, including Greek language and literature, ancient Latin language and literature, classical philology, Latin and Greek medieval and humanist philology, the history of classical studies. What unites these fields, and enlivens this union, is the care to the text, the will to investigate it in its deepest features. For us the text is a crossroad where language, things, and thought meet and from which they travel along the most disparate, unpredictable and fascinating roads and paths. The task of the philologist, "goldsmith of the word", is to bring back to light those roads and place them on the great map of the history of culture. Whoever reads a text with a non-philological approach, remains on the surface of the sea; whoever analyzes a text with the instruments of philology, sounds the sea in all its depth, and then looks back at the surface with new eyes. What we promise to convey to our students through teaching is just that “to read slowly in depth" that animates our research.


Member of the Section

Maria Accame

Luca Bettarini

Maurizio Campanelli

Massimo Di Marco

Donatella Fogazza

Alessandro Greco

Maria Grazia Iodice

Antonio Marchetta

Marina Passalacqua

Anna Sacconi

Mariateresa Scotti

Luigi Maria Segoloni

Annamaria Taliercio


Leopoldo Gamberale

Silvia Rizzo

Anna Sacconi