Beatrice Alfonzetti is full Professor of Italian Literature at La Sapienza from January 1.2005 (qualified with acts adopted on 19.12.2002). Previous titles and positions : 3 grants CNR-NATO at the University of Paris VIII and Paris IV; achieved a research doctorate; researcher at the University of Catania (July 1, 1993 – October 31. 1998); associated professor at La Sapienza from the 1998-99 academic year; Chief of the degree course in literature, music and spectacle. She promoted several conferences and research including the one of the University) which led to the organization of the Conference "Italy towards Unity. Writers, heroes, Patriots (9-12 February 2011) in association with Tor Vergata and Roma Tre. National vice-chief of Prin 2008 on Literature of the Unity. In charge for the cultural agreement with Paris VIII (2006-2010). Vice-President of the Society for Studies of the Eighteenth Century. Total publications 120 (about 10 in press) including 5 monographs: The triumph of the mirror. The poetic dramas of Pirandello: University of Catania. Series of studies of modern Philology, 1984; The body of Caesar. Paths of a catastrophe in the tragedy of the eighteenth century, Mucchi, 1989; Theatre and tremuoto. The Neapolitan years of Francesco Saverio Salfi, Franco Angeli, 1994; Conspiracies. From the barrel’ poet to the eloquent jacobean poet, series of Dep. of Italianistica e Spettacolo, Bulzoni, 2001; Dramaturgy of the ending. From Aeschylus to Pasolini, series of Dep. of Italianistica e Spettacolo, 2008.Her areas of research: the theatrical literature from Five to Nine hundred; literature and politics in eighteenth century; themes: conspiracy, oath, the prohibitions of the tragic scene, the tragic code: allegory and allusiveness of the text, the endings. Authors: Rate, Trissino, Giraldi, Gravina, Pansuti, Maffei Riccoboni, Conti, Metastasio, Goldoni, Alfieri, Foscolo, Pellico Salfi, Niccolini, Pirandello, Sciascia, Dario Fo, Franca Rame, Fabrizia Ramondino.